What You Can Do To Increase Your Brow And Lash Growth

Eyebrows are like the highlight of one’s face. They shape your face and overall look. And that is why grooming them and making sure that they look fleek is something that every woman strives for. However sometimes you may tend to overdo things that it finally ends up looking like the Queen of Hearts from Wonderland. So to promote better growth of your brows and make sure such mishaps don’t last long, here are some tips you could use.

Think twice about the mascara

Mascara which is directly worn on to your lashes, is actually a cosmetic that you should be careful with its use. These actually harden your lashes to make it look on point and long. And using them on a constant basis actually weakens your lashes making you have to look for best eyelash extension Prahran. So, when you are buying these don’t simply focus on brand, most expensive kinds and whatnot. Instead check the ingredients. Make sure that you also use natural oils like castor that promote lash growth and prevent them from falling off. Dab a cotton ball with this oil and apply on to your lashes and leave them overnight. Wash it off the next morning with makeup remover. For best results use it on a regular basis!

Eat fruits and veggies

There is so much of minerals, vitamins, proteins and whatnot in veggies and fruits. So, including more of them in to your daily diet would make sure that your body is naturally capable of increasing the hair follicle growth along with the oils that you need to use. However, the problem these days is that sometimes because of the way these are harvested, certain nutrients are lost. To avoid it affecting your diet make sure you take vitamin supplements and such along with this. This way you wouldn’t even have to look for microblading options to make your brows look fuller! If you are interested about Eyelash Tinting you can visit this website http://www.juvenilebeauty.com.au/tinting/.

Let them grow out

Becoming over obsessed with something is definitely bad. No, you cannot achieve perfection no matter however much you try, but you can get somewhere close to it. Most of the times, the reason why most women have thin brows is because they end up tweezing too much or threading too often to create that fleek look. But what happens is the complete opposite. Other times, it is the fact that they choose inexperienced or wrong persons to thread their brows. So if you are not sure of the person or you feel you should be threading them a bit more, just stop! Let them grow out at least for some time especially if you don’t want to nail the Queen of Hearts look! So consider the above tips and take better care of your brows to avoid recreating the worst look possible for yourself!