If you ever promised yourself to eat more greens but never got around to it and it is now showing in your hair, you still have one last trump card to play. It is too late to regret not watching your sister more closely as she did her hair or listen to your mom as she gave you detailed instructions of the hair care system that is as consistent as her daily prayer. Say hello to the world of hair extensions which yes! Includes that bright metallic purple you always wanted your hair to be during your freshman year. Since mom is not around as much as she used to be you can now try your hand at it. If you ever feel that it is just not your thing all you have to do is just take it right off. If you want to look you best at a one off engagement you can try a buy clip in hair extensions online or for a more permanent style you can look at weave in options.

The upside to the loss of hair or you being too lazy to follow a certain hair routine is that you can opt to be more expressive in your sense of fashion and play around with all the colours, styles and lengths you would otherwise never have the nerve to experiment. So stop coming up with lame excuses for not attending a house party or showing up your second cousins wedding and put your best foot forward to achieve a good hair day. If you don’t trust your handy work get hold of a decent hairdresser who will help you pick the best place to get hair extensions and let you choose among the many options available.Hair extensions are a perfect alternative for having to style and tease your hair every day. You won’t need to iron and blow dry your hair daily and also have to deal with the aftermath of dry and damaged hair.

Clip in hair extensions can be your new best friend as not only are they trendy and easy to handle but will not cost as much as an appointment at the salon.Clip on hair extensions are a god send to many women who are not confidant as their peers in terms of hair styling. All the best places to get hair extensions offer styling instruchair-extensiontions as well as after care and other FAQs so it is safe to say your transition to hair extensions will be quite smooth.