For All Your Material Handling Needs

The equipment deemed as fit for all material handling needs is usually considered a part of a much broader spectrum. These types of equipment can be thus categorized into separate groups based on the type of need it fulfills. If you are a professional in this field there is good probability that you know the functionalities of each and every equipment, and how each of them can be used efficiently. For a layman this is not quite the case, therefore read on to get a brief understanding on different types of material handling equipment.

Reach Trucks

As the name conveys, Reach trucks are basically used to deliver material to elevation by simply extending the lift height. This type of equipment is ideal for warehousing purposes that involve material storing and racking in high rises. Reach trucks can also be divided into several other categories, namely Double-Deep trucks and Stand-Up trucks, which can be selected based on different needs. If the need arises, getting your hands on these would be quite easy, and all you have to do is find a company that offers the services of forklift hire and you will be good to go.

Pump Trucks

Pump trucks are usually considered old school among the lot of equipment, because it requires more of manual labor rather than a fully automated process. Although it is not the most updated equipment, it efficiently performs the functions of a pallet jack to conveniently lift all types of materials. The feat lies in the operator’s hand, where the jack has to be continuously pumped in order to lift the skids to the required height. It is not as difficult as it sounds, but just requires a considerable amount of force.


The Sideloader is an ideal piece of equipment if you require any material handling work to be done in narrow aisles. The truck consists of forks attached to its side, which aid in picking up various types of loads allowing materials do be lifted off the floor with extreme ease. There are two different kinds of Sideloaders, the Stand-Up, which can be used indoors, and the Enclosed Cab, one that is typically used outdoors. Most companies that provide a forklift service will be able to avail you with an array of different types of Sideloaders as and when the need arises.
Usually it requires a professional to handle these types of machinery, but it is also necessary for everyone to be aware of what equipment can be utilized to be able to handle materials.